Tallbacka Trädgård –
A Market Garden In Bromarv

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It all started in May 1986 when Katarina and Göran Karlsson moved to Bromarv. During the first 15 years they grew mainly a great variety of plants for drying; flowers, different grasses, leafs and seeds for decorations and arrangements.

In January 2017 Katarina and Göran Karlsson retired and their youngest daughter Runa-Linn Silander and her husband John Silander continued working on Tallbacka. 

Today we have three greenhouses (1600 m2) and about 7ha of fields where we grow different kinds of vegetables; mainly tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce etc. We also grow some summerflowers and herbs. We don´t use any chemical pesticides. When we harvest our crop we aim at selling them as soon as possible – minimizing the time in storage. Most of our products we sell direct from the garden to the custumer; at the garden or by the road at our self-service-table. We also sell our products in the local reko-community and at the local store Skafferi Ett.